Dress Code

Members and visitors are expected to show respect for the Club environment, and for each other, by maintaining an acceptable standard of clean and tidy dress at all times both in the Clubhouse and on the golf course.

Golf clothing may be worn in the changing rooms and Spike Bar. Clean, dry golf clothing may be worn in the lounge. It may be worn in the dining room for all day golf events only by prior arrangement. Whilst shoes must be worn in the public areas of the clubhouse, golf shoes of any kind should not be worn in the lounge or dining room. Blue denim is not considered acceptable both on or off the course.



With the exception of golf attire tailored to be worn outside trousers/skirts, all other shirts should be tucked-in Men’s shirts should have collars and sleeves and ladies shirts should have collars or sleeves.

Trousers / Shorts

Tailored or purpose designed golf trousers/shorts.


Sports or knee-length socks.


Golf shoes must be worn on the course.

Not Acceptable


Hats worn in the clubhouse or askew.


Sports shirts or tracksuit tops.

Trousers / Shorts

Cargo or blue denim shorts or trousers, beachwear.


Trainers or other non-golfing footwear including flip flops.