Our dress code recognises our fine traditions while being mindful of changing times. Members and visitors are requested to respect our Club and each other by maintaining an acceptable standard of dress both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following guidelines should be respected:

• Recognised golf clothing as determined by convention or fashion must be worn at all times. Golf shoes must be worn and soft spikes are preferred.
• Trousers, shorts or skirts must be tailored and, unless designed to be worn outside the waist band, shirts should be tucked in. Knee length or sports socks should be worn with shorts.
• Items that are not considered recognised golf clothing include all denim, those of cargo or combat style, beach or athletic wear including training shoes, casual or sports clothing and hats worn askew.

• Certain golf or social events may define a particular dress code, in all other cases, the minimum standard is ‘smart casual’ where denim jeans are considered acceptable.
• Shoes should be worn in public areas but golf shoes of any kind may not be worn in the lounge or dining room; hats must be removed.
• Clean and dry golf clothing may be worn in all areas.
• Items that are not considered smart casual include denim distressed in any way, soiled golf or untidy clothing and outrageous or offensive items.
If you have any doubt as to whether or not your standard of dress is compliant and to avoid further embarrassment, please change.

On course mobile phone usage should be restricted to emergencies only and off course usage should not disturb or distract golfers on the course or any other clubhouse users.